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Ongoing: Vital, Vivacious and Visible After 50: Dressing with Style, Living with Spirit, and Radiating Joy for the Rest of Your Life.

Join Andrea’s online event as she interviews experts on the topics that resonate with women “of a certain age” – and all those who hope to be one of those fierce and glorious women! You’ll learn about styling dos and don’ts, accessorizing as a key to looking hip and pulled together, safe skin care, makeup tips for aging skin, where to find fashionable and comfortable shoes, how to shop for undergarments, keeping your memories – and your memory!- alive as you age, maintaining health and vitality, finding meaning, happiness, and humor as we age, dating for older women, how to get your “mojo” back, and more!

Mital Khatri’s Goddess Way summit April 16. Andrea speaks about how to present your ideal self versus your fictionalized self.

Mariana Rivera’s Source Your Soulmate online series starting March 12. Andrea will be speaking about how color affects how you are perceived.

Zestful Aging Podcast with Nicole Christina, available February 25: Andrea speaks about  personal style as a part of self individuation and color psychology.

Sandra Pate’s Happiness After Heartbreak, a guide for healing your heart, learning to trust yourself and building the relationships you’ve always desires. Andrea will be speaking about showing up as your authentic self, the best version of yourself, and how the way that you present yourself to the world reflects back to you.

Bex Burton’s Let Him Find You summit where Andrea speaks about the energetic impact of the colors we wear.

Saks Fifth Avenue “Ageless Beauty” Event: February 21, 5 pm and 6:30 Saks, San Francisco Andrea will be representing Baby Boomers on this panel of three fashion and style influencers as they review nine cosmetic and skin care products.

Guest Posts

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Listen to Andrea’s talk about, authenticity, individuation, creativity and knowing yourself on the TM for Women iTunes store podcast (including, at the end, a couple of shopping hints from the book):

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