Discovering Your Inner Style: An Adventure in Dressing Authentically

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Almost two years ago I was asked to create an online workshop for the Association of Image Consultants International. They wanted me to address the subject of how to determine a client’s style. That short workshop was the genesis of my new online school and the first course is called:

 Discovering Your Inner Style, An Adventure in Dressing Authentically


This course was designed to help you build a bridge between your life, your environment, and your unique, essential fashion style. It will help you see the connections between who you are, what you do, and how you look. And through that understanding you will be able to more clearly recognize the types of clothing you can wear.

By the end of the course

you will never see fashion the same way again.

 When I started working on it, I kept in mind the frustrations and questions that many of you have shared with me. Here are some of the more common ones. See if any of these sound familiar…

“I have a general idea of my style, but I don’t fit into just one of the most commonly described style archetypes.”


 “I need to update my wardrobe. I still want to look cool or hip or fashion forward – but I don’t want to try to look too young, lose my identity or look ridiculous.”


 “I’m not 20 – or 30 – or 40 anymore. I don’t think my wardrobe suits where I am now in my life now. But I’m not sure where to start.”


“I have a limited budget. I don’t want to make an expensive mistake. I want to be sure that what I buy is something I will actually wear and love.”


But I noticed that many people skip an important step when trying to address these issues. That step involves understanding who they are at this point in their lives. Self- knowledge is the missing link to dressing well. It requires an honest evaluation of your features and body, but also an exploration into some of the details of your life. All of that will help you to recognize how all of that reflects, and ultimately defines, what you can wear.


Through this course you will more fully understand who you are and why certain styles of clothing work for you and why some don’t.

 What the course looks like:

Discovering Your Inner Style is divided into three sections. Each one builds on the previous one and gives you the opportunity to consider your style from different angles. For each section you will be tracking your observations and noting your responses to the material and the questions. By the end you will have a more complete picture of your style. But better yet, you will come away with a template for understanding your style at any stage of your life going forward.


Section 1: Your Environment

In this section you will be looking at how your environment might give you clues about your intrinsic style. 

Section 2: Fun, Flicks, and Fairytales

Here you get to explore your lifestyle choices, your dreams and your fantasies, and to note how they offer clues to understanding your style.

Section 3: That’s Just My Style!

Finally, in this section the same analysis is applied to images of nearly fifty women and girls who fall into one or several of the typical style archetype categories and their combinations.

You will learn how their features, coloring, and lifestyle combine to create a complete picture of who they are and how they dress. Then you will get a description of what their wardrobe might look like.



The course is approximately 6 ½ hours long.

 Once you are registered, the course is available to you forever.

 The course is self-paced. You can pause it at any time, and revisit any section as much as you like. Also, the entire transcript – all 72 pages – is downloadable, so you can read along while you watch the slides, or just re-read the material later at your leisure.

The course is $59: if you register before July 29th you can use the coupon code DYIS20 for 20% off!


You will come away with a more personal connection to and understanding of your style and how it reflects your real life. You will be better able to recognize the types of clothing that speak to you and about you. And, all of this will help you avoid wasting time and money on things that just don’t connect with you or with your life.


Here is what some students have said about Discovering Your Inner Style: An Adventure in Dressing Authentically:


“I have taken several style courses before and none have come close to this one. It was amazing and enlightening. Andrea clearly put a lot of thought and research into it.

 “It is easy to understand and builds on what you learn from step to step. The questions give you clues about yourself that you probably never thought about before. In the end found myself – and my style – within these pages. And now I have a great style direction to go in.

“Do not hesitate to enroll. You will be surprised and excited about what you learn. I know I was.” 

 – Ann Murray, Ohio, USA


 “This course arrived at the perfect time as I am creating my new ‘Life that I Love’. Now I know myself better and how I can find ME in more places in my life.  As a transformational leader, facilitator, coach, the course is a fantastic addition to my professional toolbox.  It allowed me to more quickly get a sense of/understand of my clients and participants at a glance.

 “It showed me clearly that real personal transformation must include attention to my personal dressing style and my entire life style.”

 – Anna Urrea, Berkeley, CA



 “I have been one of Andrea’s clients, and she was a tremendous help during an important time when a great opportunity presented itself and I needed new clothes. So I jumped at the chance to sign up for her school and for this course. Discovering Your Inner Style helped me see the distinct elements in various styles of clothing.  With these insights I was able to visualize combinations of my own style essences into balanced, complete outfits.

“Finding my own personal style and recognizing aspects of my true self has also helped  me in other areas of my life, too.  I am in the process of considering a big move. As a result of what I discovered in the course, I am more in touch with my natural inclinations. It narrows down the list of what will fulfill my needs and where I will flourish and be happiest.

– Pam Richardson, Modesto, CA


 “Although I was familiar with some of the ideas from Andrea’s excellent book Shopping for the Real You, working through the course I saw a lot more nuances of style. I also found it unique in the way it stirs the imagination re: the stories our personality, features, style, and our environment might tell about ourselves and others.

I have read research elsewhere about what is called “Enclothed Cognition” – which is how clothing can affect our mental states, actions and engagement with our environments. So I feel that connecting deeply to our own style mix can really support our well-being. And, as I am now in my 50s and going through lots of transitions, authentic self-expression is increasingly important.

– Ellen Dunn, NSW Australia


Discovering Your Inner Style answered a lot of my questions, and inspired me to have more questions – in a good way. It was thought-provoking and made me really question my true self, to get into the nitty gritty of who I am, energetically.

Taking that time to sit down and write out my responses really helped me see the patterns within myself. I also saw in the archetypes those that I admired and wished I could be, but that in reality am not. I can move forward knowing that.

I loved how each archetype was described with tons of descriptors that were easy to envision. I haven’t seen it spelled out this way before. 

– Lynette Mae Allen – Fontana, CA


“Andrea’s course is so full of information on each of the different style ‘essences’ and gives the student the opportunity to visualize their own ideas about each one – without limiting them or putting them in a structured box.”

  – Nina Nanakida, Stylist and Color Consultant Fairfield, California


 Who am I?

Andrea’s story…

My own journey into this subject began 28 years ago when I first met with color and style expert John Kitchener, the Director of Personal Style Counselors. John has done consultations for more than 25,000 men and women worldwide. Until that time my fashion choices were too often influenced by images I tried to emulate or by kind friends who gently suggested that I needed help! (They were right!)

 But working with John and taking his workshops was so powerfully self-affirming and enlightening that I become practically obsessed with sharing everything I learned from him with as many people as possible.

As a result, 22 years later, I published an Amazon best-selling book, Shopping for the Real You. Although I thought that was the culmination of my work, I quickly discovered that it was only the beginning.


Since the publication of that book I have connected with more than 26,000 readers and followers around the world who have been eager to soak up as much additional information as possible about their own style, particularly as they transition to different phases of their lives.

So once again, I started on the journey to create a follow-on book, this time in collaboration with John Kitchener as a direct contributor. But I realized that the material is SO vast, SO visual and SO personal, that it really required a different approach.


So, I created a “school” on the Teachable website platform called Fashion Perfection: Applying the Principles of Art to the Human Form. All of the material I collected for the new book will eventually be available as video course modules at my school. It’s a much more interactive and intimate way to share this information with you. And the first of these courses is called:

Discovering Your Inner Style: An Adventure in Dressing Authentically

Because it is an introduction and precursor to the next courses, I wanted to make it as accessible to as many people as possible, so I set the course fee very low – just $59. But I wanted to do something very special for all of you – new friends and those who have been so loyal to me and to my work for the past seven years. So…

For the next week only, through July 29th, I am offering

Discovering Your Inner Style: An Adventure in Dressing Authentically

at 20% off the regular course fee.

In order to claim your discount, please click on this link to my school, and then sign up to register for the course. At checkout enter DYIS20

To give you a taste of what you will see, here are just a few of some of the more than 150 photo images form the course…



























Again, here is the link to sign up for the school and the course at the 20% discount using code DYIS20.


100% Money Back Guarantee

I never want anyone to feel that they didn’t get what they expected or that they got less than what they paid for. So you have my 100% guarantee that you will enjoy this course, or I will refund your entire course fee. (The Teachable platform makes refunds very simple.)


One last thought…

Twenty years ago, when I started writing about fashion for a local magazine, one of my friends said, “But I thought you were a spiritual person!” (To be fair, the article was about lingerie shops. She had only known me only through my work as a Transcendental Meditation™ teacher.)

So why do I write about something so…superficial? Well, I have simply loved fashion since my childhood, but had never been able to connect all of my inner spiritual work with how I presented myself to the world. Somewhere back in my mind I knew that if I was growing inwardly, it should also be reflected outwardly too.

In my research on fashion I learned that what we wear not only has a measurable effect on how we feel about ourselves, but also on things like abstract thinking, focus and attention – abilities we need to function successfully in the world. 

But not only does what we wear affect our cognitive abilities it helps us embody our whole, authentic self.

We are a part of nature. We are happiest when we live in harmony with nature. And we are most balanced and fulfilled when our inner nature and outer expression are coherent.

I am honored to share with you something very valuable about how to do that.


Here is where you can register and claim your 20% discount. At checkout enter DYIS20







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