A Summer Set: Comfort and Ease

Pauline Durban

My friend and affiliate partner Pauline Durban, of Covered Perfectly, contacts me a couple times a year to check out the newest items on her site. If you’ve seen my previous posts about her clothes you know that they lean heavily toward comfort. For the summer season she sent me two pieces to try, both extremely comfortable and versatile.

Here are a few ideas about how I wore them.

We started with the simple 3/4 length v-neck in washable micro-modal (a truly great wash-and-wear textile) as a layering piece. It would be flattering on a lot of bodies. She offers them in ten colors including the olive one I’m wearing here. (Yeah, olive again – it’s my eye color and goes with everyone I have.) It’s also available in a round neck in fourteen colors. This is a comfy piece that works just on its own or as a background for a topper or vest.

I’m wearing it here with her brown and cream animal print vest (it’s polyester) in a few different ways. The first one shows the lapels draped over my shoulders, creating a more covered look for someone with more Classic style. The print and looseness both say “Natural.” Waterfall draping, like this, can read as Romantic (due to the curving line) and Angelic (due to the float-y quality.) Because of the length and looseness, a Natural and Dramatic could also wear it. So this is something that could work for lots of different style essences. You could also belt it to add a little High Spirited punch. Or, as they show on their site, tie the ends together for a softer, more casual feeling. Keep in mind that I am about 5’1″ on a good day. The hemline is lot longer on me than on most of their models.

Moving the lapels forward gave it different flavor. It made the whole look more breezy and casual. And finally, I got up the courage to show my upper arms and wore it with an old shelf bra tank top I have from Express. (BTW – Covered Perfectly has a whole slew of tank tops in a variety of necklines and colors.) As a mostly Autumn (Earthy Rich) color type, I really liked this combination because it made me feel very summer-y. You could also wear one of these vests as a beach cover up or just as something to add a little elegance to an otherwise casual summer outfit. They come in several colors and patterns include a beautiful new blue/white/black one and a multi red/brown/orange/yellow.

Yellow shopping bag illustration

Pauline gives my readers a very nice discount: 20% off your purchase with the coupon code SRY20 or, alternately, you can take advantage of the “buy 2 get the third one free” discount. Here is the link to her website. It’s well worth checking out.

Wishing you a happy summer. (By the way, check out some of my guest posts on other sites by clicking on the “Events” link above and then scrolling down to “Guest Posts.”) This week’s post on Prime Women is about shopping while on vacation. And in that regard, ALL of Covered Perfectly’s things are fantastic packing pieces.)

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