Hi! I’m Andrea Pflaumer. Probably like many of you, I lived with years of confusion about what I should wear: what were my best colors, what was my style, and especially, how I should dress as I got older. But in 1991 I had the great fortune to meet and study with someone I consider the top expert in the field, visual artist John Kitchener, the current Director of Personal Style Counselors (PSC.)

PSC has provided color and style guidance to thousands of men and women worldwide since the early 1960s. Learning from John simply changed my life…and my direction in life! So after twelve years of writing about arts and culture for local and national publications, I created an Amazon best seller called, Shopping for the Real You, the only book specifically based on the PSC system.

The book and my blog offer guidance based on what PSC calls Human Harmonics: applying the principles of art to the human design.

In the past few years I have expanded my work to include other experts sharing advice about staying fashionable, upbeat, and attractive as we age. I write about these subjects in several local and national publications and websites like Prime Woman, Retire Better Now, She Savvy, Sixty and Me, Better after 50, and Honey Good.

If you like visual learning, you might enjoy hearing from some of those experts on my YouTube channel, Shopping for the Real You, and through my video series, Vital Vivacious and Visible after 50/Expert Edition.  I also developed an online course for both men and women on GoHighbrow called The Lazy Person’s Guide to a Perfect Wardrobe It is also available on Listenable. And because I love jeans I also wrote an ebook, She’s Got Good Jeans, a resource for finding the perfect jeans for your body and budget.

In my blogs I often share shopping links, from which I occasionally receive a (very) small commission, at no additional cost to you. And I only recommend retailers and specific items that I feel my readers might want to know about. I also never, ever, sell my email list nor plant what are called “cookies” on my site.

I LOVE meeting my readers, both in person and online. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wonderful husband, where we hike the local trails, greet as many dogs as we can (we are, alas, now dogless) and enjoy meditation and spiritual development work. If you’d like to speak with me about an in-person or online consultation feel free  to drop me a note at: 


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