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Author of Shopping for the Real You, Andrea Pflaumer, is a non-fiction writer in the San Francisco Bay Area and host of the video series, Vital, Vivacious, and Visible after 50. She has written extensively about fashion for local and national publications and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Better After 50, Sixty and Me, She Savvy, and Prime Women. Her free ten-lesson course, A Lazy Person's Guide to the Perfect Wardrobe, is available on Highbrow.com.

Guess I won’t be invited THERE again…

About three weeks ago I got invited to participate in special event at Saks Fifth Avenue called "Ageless Beauty." A panel of four women at different age groups (I would be representing the baby boomers, of course) were invited to give their reviews of nine beauty and skin care products. I was a little bit wary but it sounded like fun so I said, “yes.” [...]


Ask Me Anything event online Monday

Folks, I got invited to participate in a website called Ask Me Anything (www.amafeed.com) It's a cute site that invites people to post a topic and then be available to members as they write in questions. Next week they are hosting a week of fashion discussions and my AMA will start on Monday, February 26th at 11:00 PST.[...]


An elevating story

After decades teaching Transcendental Meditation, just for fun I volunteered to write a short article for some friends to publicize their new pet supply store. I sent it off to our local newspaper and to my great surprise, they published it. And to my greater surprise, the editors asked me to write another piece: a 400 word article...about lingerie. When it was published, one of my friends commented, "...but I thought you were a spiritual person!" Well, even spiritual people need underwear. [...]


Yin and Yang in Personal Style – Part 2

In my last post I described the elements of yin and yang in the color archetypes. Today we’ll look at the seven style archetypes in terms of yin and yang. The amount of yin and yang in our style gives us further clarity about what styles work for us. Again, keep in mind that the descriptions here are the pure archetypes, not their combinations, and we are all combinations.[...]


Yin and Yang in Your Color and Style

CH3_yinyang One of the ways to determine if an article of clothing or an accessory will work for us is to gauge the amount of yin or yang it expresses in its color and style. Then, we compare that with the amount of yin and yang in our own features and coloring. If there’s a match, the item might work well for us. That's an experiment we can even do if we know the general "seasonal" colors we express in our coloring and before we know the full color palette. If you’re not familiar with the terms yin and yang, you can think about them as complementary extremes in a continuum: light and dark, feminine and masculine, active and passive. In my book [...]