About Andrea Pflaumer

Author of Shopping for the Real You, Andrea Pflaumer, is a non-fiction writer in the San Francisco Bay Area and host of the video series, Vital, Vivacious, and Visible after 50. She has written extensively about fashion for local and national publications and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Better After 50, Sixty and Me, She Savvy, and Prime Women. Her free ten-lesson course, A Lazy Person's Guide to the Perfect Wardrobe, is available on Highbrow.com.

Escaping the Tyranny of Fashion Color and Style Archetypes

Recently I’ve been hearing this complaint: “I’m tired of trying to fit into a style and color archetype. I hate being put in a “box.”” These comments are coming from women in my online community who have had multiple color and style analyses from different people over the years. I’d be really confused too [...]


For The Lazy Fashionista™ Who Hates to Shop

As a lazy fashionista, I have something of a love/hate relationship with shopping malls. Going to the mall requires dressing up, battling traffic, and staying hydrated and fed while trying to focus on what I really need instead of being swayed by what I don't. (Yes, I have that same challenge too [...]


The Lazy Fashionista™

Hi all, Yes, that's my new trademark! The Lazy Fashionista. I'll be using it when I have something I think you might like that might make life, and shopping, easier for you. Here's one....[...]


Colors to Dye For…

Original colors

If you’ve read my book you know I’m compulsive about colors, especially the ones worn near my face. The right one make me come alive. The wrong one, like those in some of my faded tops, make me look dead. But I’m almost as compulsive about recycling as I am about color. So instead of just tossing or giving away things I love, I often break out my treasure chest of Rit Dyes. A quick dip, and voila! An old favorite becomes like new again.[...]


Are Your Shoes “Romantic?”

Nordstron Caslon sandals

Recently I was at Nordstrom and was delighted to see how they had interpreted sandals in their own brand, Caslon. (BTW, the Nordstrom annual sale is on right now.) There are a lot of different shoe styles here that work for a variety of archetypes. But I was interested to see how much the Romantic archetype was represented. Let’s break down the elements.[...]