Purging My Closet… and Learning to Breathe

IMG_5420Summer ended abruptly this year. Overnight we went from hot wind-whipped days of Indian summer right into the rainy season. That weather change always triggers the annual migration of my summer clothes to the guest room closet (can’t fit everything into our small closets) and the winter ones into my bedroom closet. I love this process because it gives me an opportunity to do one of my favorite things: purge [...]

Fashion Addiction – Designer Sudnya Shroff

Sudnya-ShroffHello Fashionistas, I recently met fashion designer, Sudnya Shroff, at her Silicon Valley studio. Sudnya is a force of nature! Born in India, where she studied Electrical Engineering, she did graduate work in Iowa, worked for Intel for 10 years, and had three great kids. But her “internal restlessness” drew her away from the world of tech to devote herself to the world of art. Her large, exuberant, colorful canvases line the walls of her spectacular home.[...]

New (upcoming) Fashion Book

Andrea and JKMany of you now know that I am writing a sequel to my book, Shopping for the Real You, with “Dr. Colors," John Kitchener. (That's why you haven't heard from me for a while.) I wanted to share a brief excerpt from our Chapter 1, Choosing Color Accurately. It describes the precision with which John and his trainees select color palettes for their clients. Check it out!

Shopping for Your Body Shape

Women Body Shapes

Women Body Shapes

Finding clothes that fit and flatter your body shape is one of the most important parts and one of the biggest challenges in clothes shopping. In both of my books I describe and give styling suggestions for the body shapes that are considered standard for most women. But we all know that just as we are combinations of color “harmonies” (seasonal color palettes) and “essences” (style archetypes) we also are often a combination of body shapes. Still, identifying your dominant shape will give you clues about how to drape it in the most flattering manner.

Role Models: Judy Dench and Maggie Smith

Judy dench Maggie SmithAfter posting a photograph of and praise for Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith last year on my Facebook page, several of my readers commented (...well, that's a bit of an understatement: the post got 18.5 million views, 126,000 shares  and 16,000 comments...the post has, for some inexplicable reason, gone viral again.) Among those comments were many from across the "pond" in praise of these spectacular women for how they had remained so vital and beautiful over the years. And then, many women offered their ideas about how we can do so as well. Here are some of those suggestions:[...]