Not Just One Style Archetype?

The style quiz in Chapter 3 of my book, Shopping for the Real You, offers descriptions of various bone structure, features, coloring, and personality traits for each style archetype to help you determine where you fit in. But one of the major questions I consistently hear is, “I fit into multiple archetypes. How do I work with that?" [...]


Natural Fiber Fashion

Of all the fashion complaints I hear one stands out: “Whatever happened to natural fibers?” I hear you. And apparently, many design houses and startups have heard you too. The demand for natural fibers has spawned a burgeoning sector of the fashion industry. [...]


Leopard and Shearling and Plaid, Oh My!!

Kenneth Cole NY Brushed Plaid $238

Bb Dakota Vegan Jacket $90

Sometimes we all get so locked into what has worked for us in the past that we resist changing at all. The result is that our "look" can get a bit stale. So, I wanted to share a few images with you about some of the newer items and trends that we’re seeing a lot of this season. Maybe they will inspire you to think about how you might take your own wardrobe more fashion-forward. [...]


Escaping the Tyranny of Fashion Color and Style Archetypes

Recently I’ve been hearing this complaint: “I’m tired of trying to fit into a style and color archetype. I hate being put in a “box.”” These comments are coming from women in my online community who have had multiple color and style analyses from different people over the years. I’d be really confused too [...]


For The Lazy Fashionista™ Who Hates to Shop

As a lazy fashionista, I have something of a love/hate relationship with shopping malls. Going to the mall requires dressing up, battling traffic, and staying hydrated and fed while trying to focus on what I really need instead of being swayed by what I don't. (Yes, I have that same challenge too [...]