Role Models: Judy Dench and Maggie Smith

Judy dench Maggie SmithAfter posting a photograph of and praise for Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith last year on my Facebook page, several of my readers commented (...well, that's a bit of an understatement: the post got 18.5 million views, 126,000 shares  and 16,000 comments...the post has, for some inexplicable reason, gone viral again.) Among those comments were many from across the "pond" in praise of these spectacular women for how they had remained so vital and beautiful over the years. And then, many women offered their ideas about how we can do so as well. Here are some of those suggestions:[...]

My (brief) modeling career: Covered Perfectly

IMG_5090 (1)I got an email recently from the lovely folks at the LA fashion house called Covered Perfectly. They asked if I would try out a couple of their pieces and write a review. Since a number of my colleagues swore by their brand,.[...]

High Heels: How High…or Low Will You Go?

black sandal stilettosWell, let’s just get one thing right on the table: almost every outfit just looks better when worn with high heels. They lengthen your legs, they make for better visual proportions, and they add an element of chic to anything they’re worn with. Personally, I know some women in their 70’s and 80’s who STILL rock stilettos (good for them!) But really, how many of you will still wear anything higher than a 2” heel? [...]

Color Harmony #4: Earthy Rich

Tina TurnerFor our final color archetype analysis we’re going to examine what Personal Style Counselors calls Earthy Rich – or autumn – coloring. Let’s review the general feeling of the other three archetypes to set the tone for this one [...]

Color Harmony #3: Subtle Blended (summer)

Grace sparkling The colors in the palette of someone with Subtle Blended coloring reflect the softness and ease we associate with summer. That description “subtle blended” says it all. (Hat tip to artist Judy LaMar who came up with the name for this color Harmony.) Nicole Kidman The Subtle Blended palette colors are not “in-your-face.” They are gentle. But woe be the person who has it as their primary color Harmony. The fashion industry hardly recognizes you. (Sorry, but it must be said.)[...]