Color Harmony #3: Subtle Blended (summer)

Grace sparkling The colors in the palette of someone with Subtle Blended coloring reflect the softness and ease we associate with summer. That description “subtle blended” says it all. (Hat tip to artist Judy LaMar who came up with the name for this color Harmony.) Nicole Kidman The Subtle Blended palette colors are not “in-your-face.” They are gentle. But woe be the person who has it as their primary color Harmony. The fashion industry hardly recognizes you. (Sorry, but it must be said.)[...]

Color Archetype #2: Lively Bright (Spring)

Betty White lb today Lively and Bright – that says it all. When you think of the colors that nature displays in the spring, the terms, “lively” and “bright” are a pretty good description. The spring palette is filled with bright colors - as is the Striking Contrast palette - but Lively Bright colors are less saturated and are infused with some white. Still, they are what we consider “clear” colors. That means they are unadulterated with gray or brown as are the colors for summer and fall, respectively.[...]

Our Fashion Color and Style “Tribe”

Jessica AlbaI’ve noticed lately that a lot of the women who follow my fashion blog are slightly obsessed with finding a celebrity or prominent figure in the public eye that they resemble – their fashion style doppelgänger. They feel that when they find that person their fashion identity will be – finally – sealed and they can simply follow their lead. I totally understand this. It’s a belief that cuts across many areas in life, as well as in the realm of fashion. We all want to be reflected and validated. It gives us a sense of belonging.[...]

The Winter Color Archetype: Striking Contrast

Amal SC We’re going to look at the four seasonal color archetypes, or Color Harmonies, byAmal orange starting with the boldest and most “yang” on the yin-yang continuum – winter or Striking Contrast. That phrase, Striking Contrast, says it all. Unless you have a fair amount of contrast in your own coloring, these bold winter colors will just drown you out. And if you have a lot of it, you will simply shine – and look natural doing it...[...]

Interview with a Hollywood Costumer

downton-abbey Have you ever wondered what it would be like to shop for and dress television and film stars? Well today you’re going to find out. My video guest is Hollywood costumer Terra Brody [...]