Kenneth Cole NY Brushed Plaid $238

Bb Dakota Vegan Jacket $90

Sometimes we all get so locked into what has worked for us in the past that we resist changing at all. The result is that our “look” can get a bit stale. So, I wanted to share a few images with you about some of the newer items and trends that we’re seeing a lot of this season. Maybe they will inspire you to think about how you might take your own wardrobe more fashion-forward.

Plaid This is the biggest trend and you’re going to find it everywhere in every form. Joan Songer, founder of Personal Style Counselors, said that plaid is a pattern that works for everyone. This was her reasoning: horizontal lines suggest yang expression and vertical ones suggest yin. Put them together and voila! Plaid. This year they are making an appearance on scarves, ponchos, jackets, long coats, ankle boots, you name it. The larger scarves are more like blankets. Plaid blankets! Depending upon your height and size they can either overwhelm you or be rather chic. Their volume says “Drama.” If that’s too much for you, there are some very cool scarves available.

Subtle Blended reversible plaid Brass Plum $24

Lively Bright Echo boucle scarf Zappos $49

Striking Contrast tartan plaid scarf Ralph Lauren $58

Earthy Rich Free People Fringe scarf $48




Amazon BODOAO jacket $28




Cozy Coats – Faux Fur, Shearling, and Leopard

Shearling lined jackets will keep you very warm this year. But as with the blanket-scarves, they’ve gone oversized (the 80’s are back…for better or worse.) I think this is the fashion industry’s way of showing how women are becoming “bigger” and more visible. Look for one scaled to your body and height. As with this biker-type jacket, you’d need a fair amount of Dramatic, Natural or High Spirited style to pull it off well.

Another option is fur (these are all faux, as I don’t advocate for fur.) They are inherently Romantic because of their luscious texture but still can work for many style essences, depending on the cut of the jacket. They are a particularly nice option if you have a fair amount of Romantic, Youthful, Angelic, or High Spirited qualities.

Macy’s Free People faux fur $128

Urban Outfitters fauxfur bomber $139

Nordstrom Kensie Faux Leopard Coat $150

And leopard – well, it’s a perennial. It doesn’t have a short shelf life. It adds some fun and a bit of glamour to an outfit and can work for almost everyone. (Nina Garcia, Elle magazine editor,  says it’s one of the 100 “musts” for any wardrobe.) This year it’s ubiquitous and bold. This one works best for someone with primarily Earthy Rich color harmony. But in a lighter background color and dark print it will work for someone who has a lot of Striking color harmony. I’ve even seen some in shades of blue and in shocking pink! (That’s a bit of a stretch…I don’t know of any pink leopards…pink panthers, maybe…)

Skirting the issue

Zara plaid skirt &70

JJill Printed knit midi $60

Skirts are back! And they are midi length and longer. This is a fairly feminine look. But, the textile says everything. They can be classic, retro, playful, you name it. Just make sure you pair them with the right shoes. Edgier looks require bulkier ankle boots and shoes. More tailored or classic ones look best with simpler, classic boots. (Yes, I know, they’re showing some with athletic sneakers, but really….) The hem should not hit at the widest part of the calf. That can make you look dumpy.

Cashmere for Little Cash

Nordstrom Halogen cashmere sweater $89

H&M Cashmere sweater $129

Uniqlo casmere sweater $70

Cashmere and wool are, of course, big sellers every fall, but this year it’s a trend that has gone into overdrive. There’s a neckline, a length and a color for everyone. But, again with the 80’s influence there are a lot of oversize sweaters. As with jackets, someone who has a fair amount of High Spirited, Natural or Dramatic style essences can wear oversize items and not look like a bag lady.

So here’s one idea: add a hip jacket or coat to that sweater, maybe a plaid scarf, wear it with a midi skirt or some (slightly) cropped pants, add a pair of boots – ankle or knee high – and you have a very fashion forward look.

If you put together an outfit inspired by any of this, I’d LOVE to see it. Write me at: andrea@shoppingfortherealyou.comBlack shopping bag illustration

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