In my dream world I have a closet full of perfectly fitting made-to-order clothes in all my perfect colors. In reality I am paying off my tailor’s mortgage. Unless you’re adept at sewing you’re at the mercy of whatever is available in the stores and online every season. That means you won’t easily find the necklines, sleeve lengths, hem lengths, etc. that suit your style and fit. But do not despair! You have options. Here are a few websites offering made-to-order clothes.

A New Classic

Sene Studio Woman’s blazer and pants $595

Sene Studio: This LA-based company has a very hip vibe, so I thought I’d check them out. They offer classic suit pieces: blazers, skirts and pants. If you’re besotted by the oversized “boyfriend” blazer look with exaggerated shoulders you won’t find them here. They make basic suit pieces exactly to your specifications and measurements using some pretty high tech algorithms. I asked about the textile and this was their response: “It is a synthetic, technically a polyester, but the high-grade kind used by brands like Lululemon. Cheaper polyesters are a single fiber and have mechanical stretch. Ours is a bi-component yarn made with up-cycled polyester and has better stretch and recovery.”

Sene Studio free blouse with suit

I’m not a big fan of polyester and they aren’t inexpensive items. But the trend toward these high-tech fabrics is a very popular one and would be certainly be great for part of a travel wardrobe, which is why I was attracted to them in the first place. They promise a 60-day money back guarantee, even after they make the pieces. They will also completely re-make something if it doesn’t fit. And if you pre-order you get a custom made shirt for free. So, if you aren’t religiously opposed to polyester you would probably love their things.

Dresses and Skirts

Kitmade LBD $235

Kitmade pencil skirt $130

Kitmade is a Texas-based company that offers dresses, blouses skirts and some jackets. They have about 30 dress styles, about half a dozen jackets, about ten tops/blouses and a few skirts. You can choose from 27 different fabrics (silks, cotton, wool, linen and some poly) and customize each piece by feature. That means you can add pockets, change neckline, etc. But here’s the cool thing. If you have an old favorite you want duplicated they will work with you to create a new version, using your item to create a pattern. It’s like having a personal seamstress making or re-making something for you.

Frilly “Christy” blouse $205

Frilly True to the name there are lace tops, ruffled top jumpsuits and flowy knife pleated skirts. But they also custom make classic pants, dresses, jackets and blazers as well as blouses. They have some cool blazers that can come in silk, linen, tweedy textiles. But the “customizing” interface is a bit maddening. Some styles would likely appeal only to those who are very young and experimental. They also make outerwear in wool, twill, and a faux that they call “pooky fur” which looks dangerously like a wookie. They advertise that from the “hardware, to the hemline, and fabric” you call the shots. Each piece is hand made by workers in factories that they own and they proudly say that they honor their workers.


eShakti square-neck dress $60

eShakti floral topper $55

eShakti cargo pants $50

eShakti I’ve heard about this company for a while now. Based on reviews they had some construction issues early on but seem to have gotten their act together. They are based in New York and the manufacturing is done in India. That means they are giving jobs to less advantaged women there, which is a good thing. You certainly can’t beat their prices. The videos and still shots of their clothing indicates that they are fairly high quality. They have lot of dresses that you can customize (sleeves, necklines, etc.) tops and blouses, pants, skirts and jumpsuits. They offer $25 off the first order. No code needed. Just click on the link. They promise a money-back guarantee but the reviews from customers say it can be a bit slow in coming. At these prices it might be worth the wait.


Rita Phil”Flora” skirt $159

Rita Phil “Wendy” wrap skirt $155

Rita Phil This site gets consistently good reviews for their custom made skirts. They also make pants but you have to use the search feature on the site to find those. They offer 60 different fabrics and although I can’t tell what the textiles are they look beautiful. They show 31 different styles of skirts, three styles of pants (ankle, trouser, and bootcut) and offer a money-back guarantee similar to Senestudio’s. And they will also give you a $30 credit for minor alterations at a local tailor if you prefer to do that instead of have it re-made by them.

So those are a few ideas for you. If I try one out I will model it here. In fact, I’m going to be doing more of that soon. And if you missed my video series: Expert Edition, it’s up for another week! (Be sure to share it with your friends.)

[Occasionally some of my posts will contain affiliate links. That means if you order anything from a site I might receive a small commission. That’s a small way I fund this site, at no additional cost to you.]

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