(She’s Got) Good Jeans

multiple jeansMom jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans: everybody wears them (well, almost everyone — there likely are few people — somewhere — who wouldn’t be caught dead in them.)

Fortunately for us jeans lovers, this season jeans are hot! In fact, denim is appearing in every form including jackets, dresses and accessories.  That coat and accessoriesDenim shoes thing is a trend I don’t quite get. Unless you live in warmer climates a denim shirt, dress, or especially a coat is not going to keep you warm in a polar vortex.  But I digress…

Let’s go over a few basics of choosing the right jeans:

Wearability: First and foremost — are they comfortable?

Fit: When you squat or bend over do they cover your backside?

jeans backside fitShape: Do they flatter your assets and de-emphasize something you’d rather not highlight?

You’ll also want to consider how casual or pulled together you want to look. That will determine the color or rinse you choose. Darker rinses and colors automatically read a little more conservative.  You’ll also want to check the rise (distance from navel to crotch.) The lower the rise, the more casual the overall look.

Next, pay attention to what kind of shoes will complement the length and shape of the leg. Sneakers, flats and brogues look best with boyfriend jeans and rolled-up cuffs.  Heels work better with skinny or wide leg jeans.rolled cuffs with flats

And of course, you want to be mindful of the age appropriateness of the cut and style. Ripped jeans can be playful or tongue-in-cheek on a younger body but might read a tad desperate on someone older.

My new ebook, She’s Got Good Jeans is now available! It includes detailed information on how to shop for the right jeans for your body and budget and more than 300 links to where to find your perfect pair!

Blue shopping bag illustrationI’d love to hear your personal stories about your favorite jeans, how long you’ve had them, and why you love them. Write me at: Andrea@shoppingfortherealyou.com

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