Your fashion rants…a summary



I asked you all to write in about your biggest fashion frustration…and got quite an earful. It appears that a lot of you share the same concerns, obstacles, and challenges with the whole process of shopping. Thank you one and all for taking the time to write. Here’s a summary that pretty much covers all your rants. Do these resonate?


        There’s a serious lack of quality these days

        I hate polyester – isn’t anything made of natural fibers any more? 

        I’m SO frustrated with the lack of cool clothes for anyone over 50

        I’m sick of sleeveless everything

        Nothing fits

        I don’t know how to express my personal style

        What do I do about hair color when I age?

I feel your pain and I hope to address a lot of these issues in upcoming blog posts – individually. They will each require a lot of thought.


And speaking of fashion frustration, and the whole concept of “fitting in” you will love this (if you don’t know about Jeanne Robertson, you should! – and if a popup appears – just hit the  “x”- to delete – it’s not from me…)


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