e Jean Carroll“I loathe shopping so much that if it weren’t for the fabled Ms. Andrea Pflaumer I would be writing this blurb naked.”

— E. Jean Carroll, advice columnist, Elle magazine

“I found her book to be the most intelligently written of the genre. No, remove the qualifier. It is simply intelligent, period. An almost scholarly approach to fashion, color and personal style.”

— Maureen, Washington, D.C.

“This is the book I would write if I were going to write a style guide.”

— J.G. Amazon review

“What a phenomenal resource!!!! The author covers a lot of points that are ambivalent in other color analysis books.”

— Sterling Nagura

“So much great information in one delightful little book! Even with my decades of experience I learned quite a lot from the book. Very well written and easy to understand. It is loaded with information, all clearly explained. Definitely the best book I have read on the subject.”

— Sandra Mary Catherine

“This book would be a great resource for young professionals who want to learn how to dress for success  or women who are returning to the workforce. But just about any woman could benefit from its strategic advice about shopping, editing and accessorizing.

The author makes a point of addressing a variety of skin colors and body types, and it has great illustrations and color charts so you can really understand the concepts.”

—  SB Booklover Amazon Review

“I discovered Andrea Pflaumer through a series of wonderful interviews she conducted with various health and style experts. I was interested enough to purchase her book Shopping for the Real You. An avid reader of health and style books, I was delighted with this book and took away new insight and tips on how to achieve terrific style by learning your archetype variation and color palette. Ms. Pflaumer writes as she speaks in a friendly, un-condescending manner and as one who has walked the walk.”

— Style Maven, Amazon review
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“I’ve compiled a little collection of books on the Art of dressing, colour & design by prominent authors. I’ve only recently acquired Ms. Pflaumer’s book and while reading it I regretted not having read it first.  It is not only her wonderful sense of humour that one senses, her warmth or the abundant knowledge she shares very generously that touched me and made the read so informative and enjoyable, it is essentially her formidable ability to synthesize her vast pool of knowledge and understanding into one small book, to make it appear simple and Real. Quite an art.

“This book is a gem.”

— Sylvia W., Amazon Review

“This book is truly one you should not shop without. The chapter on the LBD (little black dress) alone is worth the price!”

— Elizabeth Morrison Amazon Review

“A great addition to my collection of books on how to look my best. I recommend this book to people all the time! Not only do I use it to dress more to my own personal characteristics, it helps me make suggestions and understand the needs and desires of my friends.”

— A.N. Amazon Review

Andrea Pflaumer is the real deal, an authentic and generous heart. She also seems to have special empathy for women over fifty, many of whom might need a little extra assistance with their outer presentation. Pflaumer keeps the tone lighthearted and fun throughout, as from a friend to a friend.”

— Beata Ballard, Florida

“The fact that this is a ‘fashion book’ is merely a disguise for profound wisdom that flows through friendly guidance with such entertaining wit and depth that it is more a book of life, instead of a book of fashion.”

— S. W. Iowa

“My closet owner’s manual!!” 

— Jewels LaMer, North Carolina

“Although it’s about a subject on which much has been written, Andrea Pflaumer has contributed something new. The book is well written and illustrated, and fun to read as well as instructive. I thoroughly recommend it if you’re into style and shopping!”

— Englishrose Amazon Review
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